IL made wise move on adult dental, Dr. Hussain says

Our president Dr Sameera Hussain was quoted recently in Illinois Business Daily discussing Illinois' decision to restore dental coverage to adults via Medicaid.

She noted the move not only helped many citizens in need, it also was prudent financially.

“I give Illinois and other states that have recently extended Medicaid coverage to adults (in addition to children) a great deal of credit for not only addressing an essential health need for everyone regardless of age or income level but for also enacting policy that is financially sound,” Hussain said.

She explained further:

Hussain, whose dental practice is comprised of more than 250 dentists in 65 Dental Dreams offices across 11 states, said that people who go to emergency rooms for dental problems often lose teeth that could have been saved with regular dental visits, and the cost of treating a patient in an emergency room rather than in a dental office is 60-70 percent greater for the state of Illinois.

Dental Dreams is pleased to be part of the solution. The trend across the country is to treat dental care as essential and we wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment.